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Sterilization of Large Timbers during Preservative Treatment: How Quickly We Forget
2020 - IRG/WP 20-40902
Air seasoning is a common method of moisture management in utility poles and is done de facto during pole storage prior to treatment. However, extended air drying prior to treatment encourages fungal attack and can facilitate establishment of decay fungi in poles before a protective preservative barrier is applied. This problem can be mitigated by proper air-seasoning methods coupled with heat ste...
G Presley, J Cappellazzi, M Konkler, K Maguire, R Nelson, J J Morrell

Utilization of Pressure Treated Lumber in Cross Laminated Timber Manufacture and its Impact on Bondline
2022 - IRG/WP 22-40953
Mass timber building construction is increasing dramatically across North America which presents challenges to these structures not seen in Northern Europe. Large parts of the United States harbor termites and existing mass timber building technologies that rely solely on moisture exclusion to increase durability are insufficient in these areas. The successful expansion of mass timber construction...
G Presley, C Wainscott, J Valenti, S Noble

Durability of thermally modified western hemlock lumber against wood decay fungi
2022 - IRG/WP 22-40954
The chemical modification of wood is gaining popularity as a treatment to increase wood durability in the United States. Further standardization and testing of thermally modified North American species is needed to optimize the production of thermally modified products from regionally available resources. This work measures the impact of thermal modification of western hemlock lumber durability ag...
G Presley, J Cappellazzi, I Eastin