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Exterior wood stains
1980 - IRG/WP 3135
Experience has shown that conventional paints cannot now be relied upon to provide a complete seal against water entry, that in practice water can often circumvent the film and that the paint, far from serving to keep water out will seal it in. Moreover present-day paints are often subject to localised and premature failure out of doors and consequently entail high maintenance costs. Problems of w...
E R Miller

Exterior wood stains
1979 - IRG/WP 3136
The use of semi-transparent exterior wood stains has grown remarkably since their development during the 1960s. This can be partly attributed to their offering a break with tradition at a time when it was being recognised that changes in the quality of timber and how it was used demanded different methods of exterior wood finishing. Information is already available on the characteristics and uses ...
E R Miller

Reuse of discarded wood and alternative wood species to replace spruce in the development of wooden windows for complete disassembly – REWINNUSE
2023 - IRG/WP 23-30785
The REWINNUSE project focuses on the reuse of discarded wood and alternative wood species and on the development of wooden windows that can be easily disassembled into their basic components. In cooperation with the project partners (M Sora, the University of Ljubljana Biotechnical Faculty (BF), the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy - NIBIO and the Slovenian Forestry Institute (GIS)), the project ...
B Lesar, M Humar, J Levanič, A Treu, A Ugovšek, L Kramarič, B Štrakel, L Križnar, B Šubic, J Gričar