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Pretreatments of wood surfaces for improving weatherability of clear finishing
2001 - IRG/WP 01-40196
The clear film durability of wood is generally very short because of photo degradation of wood surfaces caused by UV through to the film. Pre-treatment of wood surfaces for protecting against photodegradation is very important for clear finishing system. In this study, some pre-treatments, ie; polyethylene glycol (PEG) and UVA grafting (2-hydroxy-4(2,3-epoxypropoxy) benzophenone (HEPBP)), were app...
M Kiguchi, Y Karaoke, P D Evans, Y Kadegaru, Y Imamura

Use of Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscopy for in situ Observation of Degradation of Wood Surfaces during Artificial Weathering
2012 - IRG/WP 12-20489
Variable pressure scanning electron microscopy (VPSEM) is capable of observing electrically non-conductive materials like wood without the need to render the surface conductive by applying a coating of gold, platinum or carbon. Hence, there is the possibility that VPSEM could be used to non-destructively follow the structural changes occurring at wood surfaces during weathering, because specimens ...
F Hatae, Y Kataoka, M Kiguchi, H Matsunaga, J Matsumura

A novel enzymatic treatment as a new approach for wood protection
2015 - IRG/WP 15-40701
Wood durability is a worldwide concern and most treatments tend to fail with regard to their efficacy along the time. Weather conditions lead to a loss of the treatment substances into the surrounding environment and, in consequence, generate also a public health concern. Recently, the employment of oxidative enzymes, such as laccases, has been proposed as a tool for lignocellulosics modificatio...
C Fernández-Costas, S Palanti, M Ángeles Sanromán, D Moldes

New perspectives for wood protection: enzyme-based treatments
2016 - IRG/WP 16-40742
Wood protection research is continuously looking for more benign and effective treatments. One of the main concerns deals with the toxicity of the active compounds employed in the formulations of the preservatives, since they could become a health and environmental issue. Secondly, long-lasting treatments are preferred in order to increase the service life of the treated wood. Weathering condition...
C Fernández-Costas, S Palanti, M Á Sanromán, D Moldes