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Natural durability of Iranian saxual wood (Haloxylon persicum) against the fungal decay
1991 - IRG/WP 1515
Haloxylon persicum is vidly planted in the deserfic region of Iran. At the present time, in the age of 30, these small trees are ready for cutting for the different uses, specially for rural buildings. But there's any knowledge about its durability. In this study the laboratory tests were carried out in accordance to European Standard. 5 fungi were used as: Trametes versicolor, Coniophora puteana, Poria placenta, Gloeophyllum trabeum and Stereum hirsutum. The result show that the saxual wood can be classified as resistent. It has a service life of more than ten years exposed in a mediterranean climate. Therefore the use of round wood of converted wood for out side constructions such as f.ex. rural building can be recommended.
D Parsapajouh, F H Schweingruber, K Richter