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Field trials of anti-sapstain products. Part 1
1991 - IRG/WP 3675
The results obtained in two field tests of anti-sapatain products, carried out in four locations in Portugal, are presented. Boards from freshly cut logs were hand-dipped, close staked and left to dry for periods from four to six months. The results obtained seem to indicate that some of the products tested performed at least as well and sometimes better, than a 3% NaPCP solution which was used as...
L Nunes, F Peixoto, M M Pedroso, J A Santos

Study of the use of organosolv lignin as bio-preservative of wood
2012 - IRG/WP 12-30603
The service life of wood depends on the species, use and environmental conditions of exposure. The treatment of wood protects it against degradation by xylophagous agents, enhancing the durability of material up to 10 times, and reducing the deforestation around 12.5%. In this way, the use of treatments is necessary because increases the service life of material and protect against xylophagous age...
P S B dos Santos, A Garcia, P H G de Cademartori, D A Gatto, J Labidi

Durability of treated wood Corymbia torelliana and Eucalyptus grandis x Eucalyptus urophylla against subterranean termite
2015 - IRG/WP 15-20563
This work aimed to analyze the durability of woods against termite Nasutitermes corniger Motsch. Fence posts from this study were collected in Pinheiros, north of Espírito Santo state, Brazil. Used the Corymbia torelliana and Eucalyptus grandis x Eucalyptus urophylla species with 11 and 9 years, respectively and plant spacing of 3.00 x 2.00 m. Were used 72 samples from discs removed the 0.50 m of...
D Junior Verly Lopes, J Benigno Paes, P N de Medeiros Neto, G dos Santos Bobadilha

Role of microbiota in wood degradation by Reticulitermes grassei and Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2022 - IRG/WP 22-20684
Xylophagous organisms can cause damage both in forests and in felled wood. Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, which causes "Sudden Pine Wilting" in coniferous forest masses, and is currently considered a quarantine organism in the European Union. On the other hand, structural and carpentry wood is affected by subterranean termites (Reticulitermes spp.), that cause serious damage, both in buildings and fu...
L Robertson, S Rames, M Uriel, J M González, F Llinares, S M Santos, M T Troya

Durability of thermotreated Pinus sylvestris and Eucalyptus nitens against wood decay organisms
2022 - IRG/WP 22-40949
One of the alternative treatments to avoid the application of biocides is thermal modification of wood, which increases the durability of wood against attack by wood decay organisms. The durability of Pinus sylvestris and Eucalyptus nitens thermotreated at 180 and 212 ºC, was studied. The results show that thermotreatment against wood decay fungi in P. sylvestris is slightly more effective than i...
M T Troya, S M Santos, L Robertson, N Pérez-Molina, V Baños, A Dieste