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Use of biossay to determine CCF and CCB preservative retentions in treated Pinus sylvestris
1984 - IRG/WP 2216
The retention of each a copper/chromium/boron and copper/chromium/fluoride preservative in pressure treated pinepoles was tested by bioassay using Aspergillus niger as test fungus. Small samples of 5 mm³ were taken from various depth of the poles and placed on potato-dextrose agar plates. The inhibition of fungal growth depends on the preservative retention in the cubes and corresponds closely to...
J C Moreschi, H Willeitner

A preliminary study on the feasibility of substituting the soil culture medium in soil block tests
1984 - IRG/WP 2209
In this work the possibility was studied of substituting the soil culture medium in preservative screening methods. The conclusions are that another type of material, Sphagnum moss, can be used with advantages, but that some more information is still needed to give a real idea regarding the differences caused by the substrate tested....
J C Moreschi

Errata document for Document NO: IRG/WP/2183
1982 - IRG/WP 2189
Errata (pages 7, 8, 9, & 10) received from Professor João Carlos Moreschi (Brazil) after Document No: IRG/WP/2183 had been circulated....
J C Moreschi

A bioassay to determine preservative retention in hardwoods and southern pines
1982 - IRG/WP 2183
In this paper the author discusses and suggests a new method of evaluating preservative retention in treated woods by means of bioassays. Twelve North American species were tested with different retention levels of pentachlorophenol (PCP) and copper/chrome/arsenic (CCA) preservatives. The results observed in this work show that among other fungi, Aspergillus niger responds to both preservatives, w...
J C Moreschi

The Current Situation Of Wood Poles Installed In Ilha Do Mel: A Wood Pole Biodegradation Diagnostic
2007 - IRG/WP 07-40373
Wood CCA and CCB poles installed in Ilha do Mel, an island of Parana State, Brazil, are failed earlier than expected: just five years after being installed many poles need to be replaced with financial implications for the State Energy Company – COPEL. In an effort to answer what causes this failure, this work shows the deterioration diagnostic of Ilha do Mel’s poles. In fact, such poles have...
C C Borges, J C Moreschi