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Copper Coating on Wood: a New Way of Protecting Wood
2013 - IRG/WP 13-30617
Thermal spray metal coating technology was used to apply a thin layer of copper on the surfaces of a number of wood species. The adhesion of metal coating to mahogany, oak, soft maple, spruce, white pine and medium density fibreboard (MDF) was evaluated by pull off adhesion test. The resistance of copper coated wood samples to mildew were assessed in the lab. Also, the decay resitance and water re...
M Nejad, R Shafaghi, L Pershin, J Mostaghimi, P Cooper

Lignin Modification to Produce Sustainable Polyurethane Resin for Wood Coatings
2014 - IRG/WP 14-40682
The use of lignin as the most abundant aromatic natural polymer has been evaluated for use in the production of lignin-based polyurethane resin for coating applications. Coatings are made of resins (ca. 50%), which today are mainly derived from petroleum-based polymers. This study is focused on the development of an environmentally friendly method of modifying lignin to be used as source of natura...
M Nejad, M Arefmanesh, S Chandra, J Mostaghimi, E Master