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The variability of preservative distribution in test blocks
1973 - IRG/WP 220
The techniques for the assessment of likely effectiveness of preservative systems have long been the subject of much discussion. The whole field has recently been reviewed by Hilditch and Hamblyn (1971) who described in detail many of the laboratory test procedures used, but who also indicated the deficiencies in many of these techniques. It has long been the view of many associated with the wood ...
F W Brooks, M R Gayles, R W Watson

Rapid leaching test
1991 - IRG/WP 2367
An accelerated test which is suitable for measuring the extent of metal fixation in both chromium and non chromium containing preservatives is described....
J A Cornfield, M Bacon, A Lyman, C Waldie, M R Gayles

Treatment details for the field experiment to determine the performance of preservative treated hardwoods with particlar reference to soft rot
1977 - IRG/WP 384
These notes are compiled to complement and supplement Document No: IRG/WP/367 which described the plan for the treatment of the stakes, using a CCA preservative, for the field experiment. This document gives extra details of the treatment characteristics of the different timber species and as such may give IRG members useful information on the sapwood permeability of a range of hardwoods. The repo...
F W Brooks, M R Gayles

Solidification - A viable option for the safe disposal of CCA treatment plant wastes
1993 - IRG/WP 93-50001-21
Treatment plant operations generate small quantities of waste materials contaminated with wood preservatives - for example, sludges, contaminated sawdust, yard dirt. A practical system involving the immobilisation of such wastes has been established to assist the operators to safely dispose to landfill sites. The results of cold water and hot dilute acid leaching regimes are described, which simul...
M R Gayles, D Aston