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Application of (n-a)-radiography for determination of boron in wood impregnated with boron-containing antispetics
1975 - IRG/WP 351
The method of (n-a)-radiography for quantitative determination of boron is based on creation of defective regions (tracks) in a polymer (the detector), which form during passage of a particles through the detector, these particles being produced in the reaction 10B(n, a)7Li when the test specimen in contact with the detector is irradiated with neutrons. Etching of the detector with an appropriate ...
N A Dubinskaya, M Ya Tsel'millere

Basidiospore germination threshold against borate in-vitro may vary between liquid and agar media
1992 - IRG/WP 92-2405
The concentration of disodium octaborate (BAE) which prevented mycelial growth of a common brown rot and 3 white rot fungi was compared to that required to prevent basidiospore germination on malt extract agar. Spore germination sensitivity was lower (50%) for only one of the white rot fungi. However, when spore germination thresholds were tested in malt extract-borate solutions in well slides (no...
E L Schmidt, Ya-Lih Lin

Evaluatiang the potency of cinnamaldehyde as a natural wood preservatives
2007 - IRG/WP 07-30444
Since cinnamaldehyde, the major constituent of leaf essential oil from Cinnamomum osmophloeum, has significant antifungal and antitermitic activities, it is worthy of understanding whether cinnamaldehyde has potential to be used as a natural preservative for improving the durability of wood. In this study, the fungi and termite resistance of cinnamaldehyde-treated wood (CTW) were evaluated accordi...
Chun-Ya Lin, Chi-Lin Wu, Shang-Tzen Chang