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Aislamiento, identificación y evaluación enzimática de hongos de pudrición de madera de la Región de los Lagos
2008 - IRG/WP 08-10680
So far, systematic investigations have not been developed to determine the fungal diversity associated with wood in Chile. In addition, little is known about the mycoflora capabilities or their enzymatic processes in biotechnology although different research has hinted at the great potential of these microorganisms in various industrial processes. The aim of this work is to isolate, identify and e...
R Ortiz, J Navarrete, C Oviedo, R Blanchette

Control biológico de la mancha azul en madera aserrada de Pinus radiata D. Don.
2008 - IRG/WP 08-10681
Radiata pine wood is highly susceptible to the attack of sapstaining fungi promoting a discoloration which results in important economical losses. The use of chemicals, a customary procedure to prevent its occurrence is becoming nowadays, due to environmental concern, a more questionable practice. The biological control of blue stain fungi with albino isolates of the Ophiostoma genera appear to ...
J Navarrete, A Segura, P Martínez, R Vera, C Segovia, P Herrera, L Reyes, D McNew, T C Harrington, R L Farrell, J M Thwaites, B Held, R A Blanchette