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Field testing of nootkatone and tetrahydronootkatone wood treatments against Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki
2003 - IRG/WP 03-30308
A component of Alaskan yellow cedar, citrus oil, and vetiver oil, nootkatone, and its derivative, tetrahydronootkatone, were tested for their potential as wood treatments against Coptotermes formosanus. Wood treatments dipped in 1% and 5% nootkatone and tetrahydronootkatone in ethanol or vacuum impregnated (5% only) were tested in a natural setting using termite infested bald cypress trees along t...
K E Nix, G Henderson, R Laine

The influence of log soaking temperature and thermal modification on the properties of birch veneers
2016 - IRG/WP 16-40749
In veneer manufacture the logs are routinely soaked in heated water baths in order to soften the wood prior to peeling. The temperature of the water may vary greatly between batches; however, the influence of log soaking temperature on veneer properties has had little research attention. Uncontrolled moisture is known to cause problems in wood-based materials, while thermal modification offers a m...
S Källbom, K Laine, M S Moghaddam, A Rohumaa, K Segerholm, M Wålinder