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The development of blue stain in service in sapwood of European softwood species
1997 - IRG/WP 97-10236
The utilisation of softwood species for window joinery applications is gaining importance in countries frequently using tropical hardwood species up to now. Since wood preservation is not always part of the total concept of window frames manufactured from sapwood containing wood elements it is essential to know the impact of durability on the performance. Moisture content control is a major tool i...
J Van Acker, R Klaassen, H Militz, M Stevens

Supercritical impregnation of wood with siloxane
2012 - IRG/WP 12-30595
This paper describes the effect of supercritical impregnation with siloxane on the water repellency of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) sapwood samples. Samples were impregnated with a low amount of siloxane dissolved in supercritical carbon dioxide using isopropanol as a co-solvent. Siloxane retention (i.e. weight percent gain (WPG)) of the treated samples was 1.3 % (w/w) as found by mass balance. T...
A Kjellow, F Imsgard, J Fernandes, O Henriksen, E Klaassen, R Wagner, J Delis

Assessment of the quality and lifetime of wooden pile foundations
2017 - IRG/WP 17-10883
The development of wooden pile foundations started centuries ago and enable man to build and live in strategic and fertile areas. Although the building methods, the building materials and the building regulations chanced especially over the last decades, worldwide wooden pile foundations still fulfil their function to support above ground constructions of which many belong to our cultural heritage...
R W W M Klaassen, A Jorissen, H Keijer