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The use of propionic acid to prevent Pinus patula biodeterioration during outside chip storage in Zululand
1989 - IRG/WP 3531
Pinus patula SCHIEDE ET DEPPE IN SCHLD. ET CHAM. is susceptible to biodeterioration during outside chip storage (OCS), reducing pulp quality and tear and burst indices of resulting paper. Accelerated laboratory trials showed that chips treated with 2% (w/v) propionic acid and stored for 17 weeks, produced pulp of quality indistinguishable from fresh untreated chips. Pulp tests during field trials ...
S Ismail, E J Smith, A A W Baecker

Transfer of microorganisms from wooden crates to foodstuffs: assessment of a transfer threshold
2016 - IRG/WP 16-20574
Wood is commonly used in contact with foodstuffs, for example for packaging fruits or vegetables. Most common species used are beech, pine, spruce and poplar. Wood is often considered as being less safe than plastic because it is less easy to clean whereas several studies have demonstrated that microorganisms cannot survive easily on wood (Milling et al., 2005; Revol-Junelles et al., 2005). Nation...
M Montibus, R Ismail, I Le Bayon, A Jasick, M Gabille, F Aviat, V Michel, M Federighi, M Kutnik