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Virulence testing of cultures of different origins of the test fungus Coriolus versicolor strain CTB 863 A
1986 - IRG/WP 2267
The virulence of cultures of different origins of Coriolus versicolor CTB 863 A - a strain which is mentioned in EN 113 - was tested. Standard blocks of beech wood were used at temperatures of 20-22°C and 26-28°C and particleboard was tested at 26-28°C. The decay capacity of the different inoculations varied widely, as could be expected it was greatest at the higher temperature level....
W Kerner

Development of a method for testing wood preservatives with soft rot fungi
1975 - IRG/WP 250
Although the first publications on experimental soft rot attack date back 20 years ago, so far no test method for evaluating the efficacy of wood preservatives against soft rot attack (Ascomycetes and Fungi Imperfecti) has been generally accepted. The reasons are diverse and the shortcomings and the disadvantages of the methods described are well known and have repeatedly been discussed. The soil ...
M Gersonde, W Kerner-Gang

Untersuchungen zur Prüfung mit Moderfäulepilzen im Vermiculit-Eingrabe-Verfahren
1972 - IRG/WP 214
Im Hinblick auf die Entwicklung eines Prüfverfahrens für die Bestimmung der moderfäulewidrigen Wirksamkeit von Holzschutzmitteln wurden Versuche mit Reinzuchten von Pilzen und mit Vermiculit als Trägersubstanz sowohl mit unbehandelten als auch mit Schutzmittelgetränkten Holzproben durchgeführt. Dabei wurde die Eignung von handelsüblichen, eintachen Einweg-Kunststoffbechern anstelle der bish...
W Kerner-Gang, M Gersonde

Investigations on testing with soft rot fungi by the vermiculite-burial method
1972 - IRG/WP 215
With the object of developing a test method to determine the effectiveness of wood preservatives against soft rot attack, tests have been carried out with pure fungal cultures using vermiculite as the substrate for untreated and preservative impregnated wood blocks. In these tests the suitability of common commercial, simple disposable beakers was proved successful as a substitute for the glass bo...
W Kerner-Gang, M Gersonde

Soft rot tests with soils of different origins
1984 - IRG/WP 2226
In the BAM a comparative soft rot test with 9 different types of soil (one soil each from Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland and 6 soils from laboratories in Germany) were carried out. The pH values of the different soils ranged from 3.2 to 7.1, and the amounts of organic matter were between 4 and 44% (w/w). The test specimens - Pine sapwood blocks treated with different concentrations of a CCA p...
M Gersonde, W Kerner