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Application of non-destructive techniques (durometric and ultrasonic) to evaluate the degradation of woods in service by Gloeophyllum trabeum
2001 - IRG/WP 01-20220
In order to establish the degree of degradation of wood used in construction, it is necessary to employ non-destructive methods (ultrasonic, durometric, densitometric). In this study, ultrasonic and Pilodyn durometric techniques have been applied to try to establish parameters of relationship between the values obtained by both, for their immediate application to wood in service. As a method of re...
M T De Troya, L Palaia, A Navarrete, V Galvañ, R Molina, A Guijarro, J Camacho

Wood protection in the Sierra Nevada National Park, Venezuela
2012 - IRG/WP 12-50290
The use of wood without the respective protection inevitably leads to its replacement. When this wood is used in a national park call attention to public opinion because the consequences generated by the very short life service, and replacement is required, means more wood not preserved, rapidly deteriorated in a constant repeated cycle. This becomes an environmental problem, especially when the ...
O Erazo, O Encinas, Y Molina

Durability of thermotreated Pinus sylvestris and Eucalyptus nitens against wood decay organisms
2022 - IRG/WP 22-40949
One of the alternative treatments to avoid the application of biocides is thermal modification of wood, which increases the durability of wood against attack by wood decay organisms. The durability of Pinus sylvestris and Eucalyptus nitens thermotreated at 180 and 212 ºC, was studied. The results show that thermotreatment against wood decay fungi in P. sylvestris is slightly more effective than i...
M T Troya, S M Santos, L Robertson, N Pérez-Molina, V Baños, A Dieste