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Contributions by an academic society to the development of scientific research - the case of wood protection research in Japan
2022 - IRG/WP 22-50372
It is recognized scientific activities related to wood protection has been scaled back in worldwide recently. In order to overcome this situation, Japan Wood Protection Association (JWPA), one of academic societies had taken steps to support the activation of scientific research through the improvement of own annual meeting and journal. The specific measures were the setup of student membership, establishment of student poster award, the registration to the “J-STAGE” as an electronic journal platform in Japan for open access, and so on. Analysis of JWPA meetings and journals revealed that 1) increased numbers of presentations especially by students, 2) increased online access to the journal through J-STAGE, and 3) the positive relation between the title of articles and social backgrounds in some extent. JWPA, however does not cover much about some related fields such as durability of mid-to-high-rise wooden architecture, wood use in civil engineering field, and fire safety of buildings using wooden materials. Collaboration with related academic societies such as Architectural Institute of Japan, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, and Japan Association for Fire Science and Engineering will be indispensable and important for more activation of scientific research on wood protection.
K Yamamoto

Termite control in the post-organochlorine era: How do we advise industry and society?
1990 - IRG/WP 1435
Organochlorines have been severely restricted and banned in many States in North America, and replaced by organophosphates and synthetic pyrethroids. This situation may occur in Australia, and elsewhere, in the not too distant future. Just how do we as entomologists advise the industry and society in termite control in the post-organochlorine era? A brief historical overview of pesticide bans and their relevance to the present situation are presented. Suggestions are offered for entomologists to initiate integrated pest management approachs in future termite control measures based on sound ecological and economic parameters and societal priorities.
J R J French

GDR3544 “Science du Bois” - Academic and Industrial French Partnerships on Wood Science
2019 - IRG/WP 19-50362
The wood sciences are currently practiced by a very diverse community of disciplines, themes and institutional contexts of different actors. The Research Group in Wood Sciences (GDR3544 "Sciences du Bois") was created in 2012 by the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), and renewed from 2016 to 2020. The objectives of GDR " Science du Bois " are to manage the coordination of wood science in France, improve the communication between international scientific community and companies, develop formation and training courses for master and PhD students, facilitate the skills and capacities transfers, identify issues and challenges and finally to serve as relay to international networks. The GDR3544 " Science du Bois " is currently supported by several institutes of the CNRS (main affiliation with INSIS, with the support of INEE, INC, INSHS via the teams involved or the sections of the National Committee requested). It is subsidized by the CNRS, the Ministry of Culture and Communication, INRA, Labex and sponsors solicited by the hosts of the organized events. It includes about 730 people (including 450 permanent) distributed in CNRS units and other organizations (INRA, CIRAD, Culture Ministry, Universities, engineering schools, FCBA, etc ...). The teams concerned come from different disciplines: mechanics, physics, chemistry, biology, Human and Social Sciences. This scientific network is focused on an object: constituent of the tree, material of craftsmen and engineers and archive of past events. In addition to this national network, there are foreign partners who are geographically or culturally close to French teams and who have established lasting relationships with them in the field of wood sciences.
J Gril, R Marchal, K Candelier