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The registration of wood preservatives under the Pesticides Act of 1962 in the Netherlands
1976 - IRG/WP 364
J Van der Kolk

Wood preservation in Kenya
2000 - IRG/WP 00-40191
Current research on wood preservation in Kenya is mainly on the development of biological control of wood-destroying termite species, using mycoinsecticides. The major research institutions include the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), Moi University and the International Centre for Insect Physiology (ICIPE). Training institutions include Fore...
G Ochiel

Pest control products act. An overview of regulation of heavy duty wood preservatives
1995 - IRG/WP 95-50040-30
The regulation of pesticides in Canada is carried out under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act and Regulations. Products which control, prevent, destroy, mitigate, attract or repel a pest are required to undergo a presale assessment for safety, merit and value. This review will determine whether a product, when used according to label directions, can be used both safely and will be eff...
K McCullogh

Why did Japan replace CCA by alternatives?
2004 - IRG/WP 04-50215
Since chromated copper arsenate (CCA) was technically introduced into Japan in 1963, CCA was used for extending service life of various wood commodities, especially sill plates (dodai) in Japanese houses. However, the problem on the disposal of CCA-treated wood waste became public and related industry concern, and questionnaire survey conducted by Japan Wood Preservers’ Industry Association ind...
H Ishida, T Ito, M Yamai, H Matsusaka, K Tsunoda

The registration of wood preservatives in Canada
1977 - IRG/WP 394
The Pest Control Products Act in Canada is a part of Federal Agricultural legislation affecting chemicals for wood protection. Other parts of Federal legislation include Canadian Fisheries Act, Fed. Food and Drug act, Environmental Contaminants Act, Clear Air Act, Navigable Waters Protection Act and the Criminal Code Section 165. Some of the main excerpts from the Pest Control Products Act are as ...
J Rak, J K Shields

Wood preservation in Canada - Regulation and Registration
2001 - IRG/WP 01-50166-02
The Canadian wood preservation industry is at a critical juncture now as a number of initiatives converge on the industry over the next few years. Issues facing the industry include: Re-evaluation of the conventional wood preservative chemicals - inorganic arsenicals, creosote and pentachlorophenol targeted for July 2001. Delayed registration of new actives as a result of re-evaluation activity an...
P A Cooper

Certification system for treated wood and wood preservative in the relation to regulations in Japan
2018 - RG/WP 18-20639
Certification system about wood protection products in Japan is described to understand the interaction between regulations and certifying organizations. Major regulations are Building Standard Law, Chemical Substances Control Law, Poisonous Deleterious Substances Control Act, Japanese Industrial Standards, and Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS). Treated wood products are certified with JAS mark...
K Yamamoto, I Momohara