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Wood preservatives ecotoxicology on Gammarus pulex (L.) - toward an environmental monitoring method and a getting rid of pollution process
2005 - IRG/WP 05-50224-9
Wood preservatives can have a strong impact on freshwater invertebrates when used close to aquatic ecosystems. It has been reported in Jura that different arthropod taxa, specially crustaceans, have disappeared along several kilometers downstream from factories using insecticides and fungicides as wood preservatives. The crustacean Gammarus pulex (L.) is a relevant bioindicator to characterize th...
O Adam, F Degiorgi, G Crini, P-M Badot

Hydrogels: a solution to reduce boron leachability without reduction of its biodisponibility to wood decaying fungi?
2012 - IRG/WP 12-30602
Products used today for wood protection must fulfill to more and more environmental constraints, such as being of low toxicity in answer to the Biocidal Product Directory, but also to involve waterborne treatments to limit rejection of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere. Boron preservatives have been described as valuable alternatives for wood protection for non-ground contact applicatio...
F Obounou Akong, P Gérardin, M-F Thévenon, S Parant, C Gérardin-Charbonnier