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Effects of nano-silver on brittleness of heat-treated solid woods
2011 - IRG/WP 11-40572
The present study is aimed at the effect of heat-treatment of normal as well as nano-silver-impregnated Populus nigra, Populus deltoides, and Fagus orientalis on brittleness. Specimens were impregnated with 200 ppm water-based solution of nano-silver particles under 3 bars in a pressure vessel using empty-cell process. For heat treatment, both nano-silver-impregnated and normal specimens were kept...
H Reza Taghiyari, B Moradi Malek, A Karimi

Influence of heat treatment intensity on the structural integrity of 14 timber species
2012 - IRG/WP 12-40586
Thermally modified timber (TMT) is characterized by improved durability and dimensionally stability, but strength properties, especially the dynamic ones, are compromised at the same time. Because dynamic standard tests require high efforts and time, the high-energy multiple impact (HEMI) –test was developed for the fast and reliable characterisation of the structural integrity of TMT, showing a...
C R Welzbacher, C Brischke, G Maier