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Vacuum drying of European oakwood: Color, chemistry and anti-oxidant potency of wood. Improving appearance in forest value added products
2008 - IRG/WP 08-40432
In hardwoods used for decorative and appearance purposes, wood colour is one of the most important factors of wood quality; in addition colour is related with durability and biological decay of wood. Wood discolouration during drying is mainly affected by heat, light, physiological reactions, combinations of reactions, biochemical and chemical reactions, and micro-organisms attack. In freshly fell...
S Sandoval, W Jomaa, F Marc, J-R Puiggali

Plasma-assisted bleaching of blue-stain from lodgepole pine wood
2017 - IRG/WP 17-40799
We hypothesize that plasma will etch wood and fungal hyphae in blue-stained lodgepole pine, and increase the ability of hypochlorite bleach to remove discolouration from blue-stained wood. Blue-stained lodgepole pine wood was exposed to a glow-discharge plasma derived from water, and the surface wettability, permeability and colour of the treated wood was measured. Plasma-treated wood was dipped i...
A Jamali, P D Evans