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The economics of saving standing wood poles. Labour saving system for pole groundline retreatment
1980 - IRG/WP 3160
This paper consists of 3 contributions First: There are still people who consider wood poles a disposable commodity much the same as paper cups and toilet paper. The idea of conservation is still new in this field, but soon conservation will be a necessity. Only two percent of the forest recources of North America are being replaced. What does it mean? We will run out of poles a lot sooner than ...
W V Inkis

Economic and Alternative Preservative Research with an Overview of its Impact on the Dynamics of Wood Tie Markets and Railroads
2019 - IRG/WP 19-30751
This presentation will discuss the Railway Tie Association’s (RTA) efforts in economic research for the North American wood tie industry, along with decades-long research into improving wood preservation processes and its resulting economic impact for railroads. Ongoing research is continuing to expand the knowledge-base by comparing existing standard creosote (C) and borate-creosote (B-C) dual...
J C Gauntt