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Soft rot decay in CCA treated eucalypts in Queensland - A comment
1986 - IRG/WP 1301
A survey has been completed concerned with the distribution and severity of groundline soft rot decay in the CCA treated sapwood of eucalypt poles in Queensland. The survey encountered some 1000 poles of which 55% were slightly, 28% moderately and 17% severely decayed. Soft rot decay was more severe in urban than rural locations. Embedment of poles in concrete resulted in severe soft rot. No significant correlation was found between an increase in CCA retention and decrease in severity of soft rot. Soft rot decay was found to be very variable. Management of this variability could be made by practising realistic and efficient pole inspection techniques.
L E Leightley

An assessment of soft rot in preservative-treated poles in two test sites and two network areas in New South Wales
2013 - IRG/WP 13-10801
This document presents an extended summary of recent investigations into soft rot attack of preservative treated power poles from the re-inspection of samples selected from two field sites and two in-service trials located in New South Wales, Australia. The in-ground sapwood of selected poles was assessed by probing and, after core sampling, by microscopy to determine the severity and extent of soft rot attack. Data obtained during these assessments were compared with data from similar inspections that occurred approximately 10-15 years previously. The findings are discussed in relation to the influence of wood species, preservative type, location, inspection and remedial treatment practices on the rate of soft rot degrade. Additional comments are made regarding the effectiveness of conventional methodologies for assessing soft rot.
W D Gardner, M A Powell, C Kirton