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Optimization of the bi-oleothermal treatment process for wood preservation and fireproofing
2011 - IRG/WP 11-40566
The bi-oleothermal© process (combination of oil and heat treatment) is a well mastered alternative method for wood protection. However, the fire behavior and resistance to decay of bi-oleothermally treated wood are not good enough to ensure performance which meets the service standards for outdoor applications such as cladding or decking expected by the market. The aim of the present research pro...
F Simon, M Kutnik, M Goyer, M-F Thévenon, C Alfos, M Céron

Fire resistance of wood treated with potassium carbonate and silanes
2014 - IRG/WP 14-30657
This paper reports on the effect that organosilicon compounds and potassium carbonate and urea (PCU) have on wood flammability. The study focus on reducing wood flammability by promoting char formation through manipulation of the condensed phase decomposition chemistry. Potassium carbonate is known as an effective fire retardant, however it is easily leached out from wood and increases its hygrosc...
B Mazela, M Broda, W Perdoch

Biosourced hybrid phenolic resins as coatings for the protection of wood and wood composites
2019 - IRG/WP 19-30745
Biosourced phenolic resins, based on the phenol-formaldheyde (PF) type, were prepared for their application as coating for wood and wood composites protection, especially against fire. The resins were synthesized by combining an organic polymeric matrix with another inorganic phase. The organic phase was prepared substituting phenol by natural phenolic compounds such as lignin and tannins. The ino...
P L de Hoyos-Martínez, R Herrera, J Labid, F Charrier El Bouhtoury