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Comprehensive Environmental Glossary
2014 - IRG/WP 14-50306
Glossary of terms relating to the environment
A K Lahiry, T Lahiry

Wood Preservation in the Federal Republic of Germany
1981 - IRG/WP 3157
The report gives some statistics about the forest products industries in the Federal Republic and a general review of the wood preservation industry. The trend in the use of wooden railway sleepers is decreasing, as is the use of poles. The sale of other pre-treated timber, mainly fence posts, palisades and domestic fences, is however slightly increasing. Apart from the use of pressure treatments for poles and sleepers, dipping, deluging and spraying are the most common methods of treatment used. For constructional timbers the treatment given is often only of a poor quality. A glossary of the treatments used is given and a list of the firms supplying approved preservatives. Information is given for applicants who wish to have preservatives approved for use in the Federal Republic. All wood preservatives have to be registered for the treatment of any constructional timber which relates to the strength of a building. New types of biocides will obtain approval only after special tests have been carried out to ensure their long term effectiveness. The approved State Laboratories which can issue test certificates and organizations which can give useful advice to users of treated wood are listed, together with the addresses of some other organizations. The report lists all the relevant German standards.
R Cockcroft, H Willeitner

Chapter 15 - Glossary of essential terms
2007 - IRG/WP 07-10635-15
The object of this glossary is to make available to the persons, students and others interested in treated bamboo and also in the Science and Technology of Bamboo, a standard set of definitions (defined by AWPA 1996, USDA 1987, Mullins and McKnight 1981, different literatures cited herein and by the Author) of those terms used commonly in the bamboo preserving industry/forest products industry and also in Science and Technology related to bamboo. Definitions involving pertinent bamboo products are included. Words to be found in any authoritative dictionary are generally omitted except when they have a special application in modern wood and bamboo preserving practice.
A K Lahiry