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An investigation to assess the feasibility of developing an accelerated laboratory test to determine the abrasion resistance of lesser-used timber species for use in marine constructio
2005 - IRG/WP 05-20317
The paper describes the evaluation of a laboratory-accelerated test to compare the shingle abrasion resistance of current and potential timbers for use in marine construction. Useful results were achieved in 47.5 hours, but identified a number of issues to be resolved for the test to be refined and the subsequent results to be interpreted correctly....
G S Sawyer, J R Williams

Evaluating the potential for re-using timber from deconstructed sea defence groynes from the Bournemouth groyne field
2024 - IRG/WP 24-50397
In the shadow of a looming climate crisis, the modern age construction industry is evolving. The for implementing sustainable practices has never been greater and the potential role of the circular economy is front and centre. It can play a pivotal role in transforming the industry by promoting sustainable practices which emphasise the need to reduce consumption of natural resources. Re-using timb...
J R Williams