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Mold susceptibility of oriented strandboard made with extracted flakes
2008 - IRG/WP 08-40402
As part of a larger study on the manufacture of oriented strandboard (OSB) using hot-water-extracted flakes, the mold susceptibility of extracted-flake and un-extracted-flake OSB was assessed using the standard ‘mold box’ test. OSB made with extracted flakes was much less susceptible to mold. This suggests that the extraction of hemicelluloses and other carbohydrates from wood for the producti...
A M Taylor, O Hosseinaei, Siqun Wang

Decay Resistance Properties of Hemicellulose-Extracted Oriented Strand Board
2008 - IRG/WP 08-10644
There is increasing interest in using cellulosic biomass as the basis for a renewable source of energy. Although the traditional focus has been on cellulose, researchers are also exploring the possibility of using hemicelluloses because they can be removed with hot water leaving the wood product intact for other applications. However, there is concern that removing hemicelluloses from the precur...
C Howell, J Paredes, S Shaler, J Jellison