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IRG Foundation Fund Report
1985 - IRG/WP 5215
B Henningsson, H Friis-Hansen

Agenda WG I
1984 - IRG/WP 1246
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the meetings of WG II
1984 - IRG/WP 2231
IRG Secretariat

The Fourteenth Report of the Internatinal Research Group on Wood Preservation 1984-1985
1985 - IRG/WP 5218
R Cockcroft

Agenda Plenary 1984
1984 - IRG/WP 5202
IRG Secretariat

Agenda WG III
1984 - IRG/WP 3314
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the meeting of WG IV
1984 - IRG/WP 4111
IRG Secretariat

Agenda WG II
1984 - IRG/WP 2227
IRG Secretariat

Abstracts of poster sessions at IRG 15 meeting
1984 - IRG/WP 5200
IRG Secretariat

IRG 15 invitation
1984 -
IRG Secretariat

Agenda WG IV
1984 - IRG/WP 4110
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the meetings of WG III
1984 - IRG/WP 3317
IRG Secretariat

Minutes of the Plenary Meeting 1984
1984 - IRG/WP 5210
IRG Secretariat

Financial statement for the year ending 31 December 1984
1985 - IRG/WP 5214
H Friis-Hansen

Co-operative research project on L-joint testing. Progress report to March 1984
1984 - IRG/WP 2211
Each participant was intended to expose L-joints in the main trial on 1 April 1983 and the first sampling, after 8 months exposure, was to be undertaken on 1 December 1983. Some participants have had to vary this schedule. Results are presented from CTFT (France) and PRL (United Kingdom). These show a greater effectiveness by the double vacuum treatments compared with the 1 minute dip treatments. However, results from the two locations differ particularly in the incidence and type of Basidiomycetes isolated.
J K Carey, A F Bravery

Production of treated wood in Brazil in 1984
1986 - IRG/WP 3357
The data of the Brazilian production of sleepers, poles, crossarms, fence posts and other commodities are given for the year of 1984.
M S Cavalcante

Minutes of the meetings of WG I
1984 - IRG/WP 1247
IRG Secretariat