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World list of wood preservative names
1980 - IRG/WP 387
The list contains names that have been collected by the author over many years and includes besides traditional wood preservatives, exterior wood finishes and preservative stains, and some preservative coatings. Generally, however, primers and paints have been deliberately excluded. The list includes also products that have been claimed as wood preservatives, as well as a few fire-retardant coatings and wood preservative-cum-fire-retardants. A few of the names may not be wood preservatives themselves but commercial products used in wood preservative formulations. To emphasize the disclaimer made in the Foreword it can be stated that quite a few of the names listed are products which are now known to be obsolete. Some may be old products about which there is little or no information. Some are only experimental products later superceded by others considered better. Others may have been withdrawn as a result of their failure in practice or marketing. Names of products which are obsolete or about which there is little or no information available are marked with an asterisk. It is not possible in this report to give details of composition. Some of these details may be known only confidentially, but another problem is that it is known that formulations change over the years and yet sometimes the trade or brand name is retained. One known wood preservative for example, has changed not only its composition four times over the years, but has also changed its basic type. Also some products may vary depending on in which country they are sold. The type of preservative and, as far as possible, the country of origin or manufacture are indicated. It is realized that with changes over the years and with the formation of multi-national corporations, more than one country may now manufacture the same product. The list will have to be amended as the information becomes known.
R Cockcroft

Spatial arrangement of lignin peroxidase in pine decayed by Phanerochaete chrysosporium and Fomitopsis pinicola
1988 - IRG/WP 1343
By applying immunoelectronmicroscopic methods, lignin peroxidase of the white rot fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium has been localized in the cytoplasm of hyphae, close to the plasmalemma and on the plasmalemma. Infiltration of wood specimen with culture filtrates, concentrated 300-fold, gave clear information on the penetration of the enzyme into the wood cell wall. Penetration was restricted to superficial areas. No diffusion of enzymes into the cell wall took place in white rot. Likewise, infiltration of wood. degraded by the brown rot fungus Fomitopsis pinicola, did not indicate free diffusion of the enzyme within the cell wall. This was taken as a proof of non-ezymatic cell wall degradation in brown rot.
E Srebotnik, K Messner