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Secretion of ligninolytic enzymes by hyphal autolysis of the white rot fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium
1991 - IRG/WP 1480
The secretion of ligninases by Phanerochaete chrysosporium was investigated with polyclonal antibodies, followed by immmunogold-silver staining and light microscopy. After growing fungal mycelium on nitrocellulose, extracellular ligninases were detected around old, plasmaless hyphae, but not at arthrospores, chlamydospores, or blastoconidia. Labeling of fungal hyphae on coverslip cultures was observe only when the cell wall was highly porous and translocation of cell material occurred. These experiments suggested that ther is a correlation between hyphal lysis and the release of extracellular ligninases from hyphae.
R Lackner, E Srebotnik, K Messner

Why don't more people work with Serpula lacrymans nowadays? A discussion of some of the different approaches to experimenting with this unique fungus
1989 - IRG/WP 1383
Remarkably few laboratories are currently investigating this well-known fungus. Not only has it failed to gain acceptance as a standard test organism (for wood preservative evaluation) in many countries, but is also sometimes excluded from pure research studies when it ought to be an obvious first choice as a representative basidiomycete. This paper discusses some different approaches that have been/are being used by various workers. It is hoped that more workers will be encouraged to look at this fungus as a result of the efforts of this mini-symposium on the dry rot problem.
J D Thornton