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Update on lab and field test results for polymeric alkylphenol polysulfide treated wood
2002 - IRG/WP 02-40240
The possibility of using Polymeric Alkylphenol Polysulfide (PXTS) as a wood preservative has been undergoing evaluation in our laboratories for the past four years. Various formulations prepared from this compound have been tested and found to be effective against wood decay fungi and insects in field stakes after 42 months exposure. In accelerated soil bed tests, PXTS has been shown to be consi...
J Goswami, A Abramson, R Buff, D D Nicholas, T Schultz

Lab and field test results for wood treated with polymeric alkylphenol polysulfide
2001 - IRG/WP 01-30268
A new wood preservative based on polymeric alkyphenol polysulfide (PXTS-A) is being evaluated in a series of laboratory and field tests and the results continue to show promise. A modified formulation (PXTS-B), which contains additives to reduce the viscosity, is being evaluated along with the original formulation. Soil block decay tests comparing PXTS-B with CCA-C indicate that PXTS-B is equally ...
J Goswami, A Abramson, R Buff, D D Nicholas, T Schultz

Evaluation of polymeric alkylphenol polysulfide as a new wood preservative compound
2000 - IRG/WP 00-30251
At the 30 th IRG meeting held in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany, we reported on a Polymeric Alkylphenol Polysulfide (PXTS) which shows potential as a new non-leachable, environmentally compatible wood preservative compound exhibiting excellent biocidal efficacy. Comparative soil-block test results showed that PXTS was twice as effective as Creosote when evaluated against both white- and brown-rot fun...
J Goswami, A Abramson, R Buff, D D Nicholas

Polymeric alkylphenol polysulfide - A new wood preservative compound
1999 - IRG/WP 99-30193
The three most widely used preservative compounds are Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), Pentachlorophenol (PCP) and Creosote (which is a mixture of phenolic compounds). These preservatives are very effective but their long-term future use is questionable because of environmental concerns. These concerns have resulted in restrictions in usage and in some countries a ban on their use as wood preserva...
J Goswami, A Abramson, R Buff, D D Nicholas