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Field trials of groundline remedial treatments on soft rot attacked CCA treated Eucalyptus poles
1983 - IRG/WP 3222
A total of 17 CCA treated Eucalyptus poles, which were found to contain 2-5 mm of soft rot in October, 1980, were reinspected in October, 1982. In 1980, 11 of the poles were given a supplemental groundline bandage treatment of either Osmoplastic or Patox, while 6 of the poles were designated as untreated controls. Two years after remedial treatment, samples were removed from the poles for microsco...
W S McNamara, R J Ziobro, J F Triana

Progress towards controlling soft rot of treated hardwood poles in Australia
1977 - IRG/WP 289
H Greaves

Electricity pole treatments - Wedding Bells State Forest. Inspection September 1983
1985 - IRG/WP 3334
A survey to study the extent of soft rot in hardwood poles in N.S.W. was commenced in 1975. The results of the survey, published in 1982, indicated that a number of factors contributed towards soft rot attack on poles in service. A detailed rest on pole treatments and maintenance procedures was established in 1976, at a site in Wedding Bells State Forest near Coffs Harbour. The site selected was k...
R S Johnstone, R H Eldridge

Performance of groundline bandage remedial treatments in western US species transmission poles
1993 - IRG/WP 93-30019
Groundline bandages are an important element in remedial treatment strategies for utility poles in the United States. Several bandages containing new or reformulated components have recently been developed but have not been adequately tested. This paper reports on the degree of diffusion of copper naphthenate, boron, and sodium fluoride from groundline bandages into pressuretreated Douglas-fir, po...
P G Forsyth, J J Morrell