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Some recent studies on the marine wood-borers of the west coast of India
1982 - IRG/WP 486
Occurrence and distribution of marine wood-borers along the west coast of India from Mangalore to Kandla are presented together with the distribution pattern of all the molluscan and crustacean wood-borers so far reported from India coasts. The survey, conducted for the first time along this coast, revealed the presence of 14 species of Teredinidae, 2 species of Pholadidae, 3 species and one variety of Sphaeromati and 1 species of Limnoriidae. It includes 3 new records (Bankia nordi Moll, Nototeredo edax (Hedley) and Teredothyra smithi (Bartsch) from the west coast and 3 new records (Teredothyra matocotana (Bartsch), Lyrodus massa (Lamy) and Martesia sp.) from Indian waters. Distribution of several species like Nausitora hedlevi Schepman, Teredo clappi Bartsch, Sphaeroma terebrans Bate, Sphaeroma annandalei Stebbing and Sphaeroma annandalei travancorensis Pillai has been considerably extended further north along the west coast of India.
L N Santhakumaran

The present status of wooden catamarans of the Indian Coast
1997 - IRG/WP 97-10231
Catamarans (a.k.a. kattumarams) are the most widely used fishing craft in India, and hundreds of thousands of poor, traditional fishermen depend on these vessels for their livelihood that are almost made entirely of wood. In recent years, acute shortages and phenomenal increases in prices of timber species used in catamaran fabrication have been reported, causing great hardship to the user community. Further, the patterns of usage are based on age-old practices and not on scientific lines, resulting in significant waste of timber during fabrication and use. This paper, while highlighting the importance and benefit of usage of catamarans in the Indian context, stresses the need for introduction of steps to ameliorate the current losses, and outlines the various research and development efforts undertaken in this direction. Of special importance in this context is the on-going World Bank-aided program on catamarans, being handled at the Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore.
K S Rao