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Some characteristics of Pinus radiata wood from trees subjected to resin extraction
1987 - IRG/WP 3403
35 year old Pinus radiata trees growing in La Puntilla (lat. 37° south, long. 72,4° west), Chile, were subjected to resin extraction 5 years ago. After harvesting them simultaneously with control trees of the same place and age, probes were taken from the bottom of each pole, at 3.4 m, 7.8 m and 11.4 m height. Analysis of ethanol/benzene extract, CCA salt penetration tests and sapstain and brown-rot development rate were performed. The extract content differed in both groups. In the ascendent sense it decreases in unextracted trees and increases in extracted. CCA salt penetration was deeper in treated trees than in untreated. Wood subjectect to resin extraction was less susceptible to sapstain development. No significant difference was detected in both groups in relation to the development of brown-rot.
M C Rose, J Navarrete, G Sandoval, A Bedoya, L Ortega, R Zurita

Interim report on world survey of sap displacement impregnation of timber
1974 - IRG/WP 329
At the 4th Annual Meeting of the IRG held in West Berlin in October 1972 it was suggested that a survey of sap displacement impregnation of timber would be of interest. Accordingly through the courtesy and co-operation of the New Zealand Department of Trade and Industry a questionnaire was circulated to the Trade Commissioners for transmission to the relevant organisations in various parts of the ...
F B Shorland, C G W Mason

Field evaluation of anti-sapstain products
1987 - IRG/WP 3402
Product A based on methylenebisthiocyanate, product B based on methylenebisthiocyanate plus 2-thiocyanomethylthio-benzothiazole, product C based on 2-thiocyanomethilthio-benzothiazole and product D based on didecyl dimethil ammonium chloride plus 3-iodo-2 propynil butyl carbarnate were evaluated on Pinus radiata sawn timber as fungicides for sapstain and mould in the Sawmill Division of the Univer...
M C Rose, A Bedoya

Diagnosis and control of pathology of wood used in the Alahambra Palace, Santiago de Chile
2015 - IRG/WP 15-40711
In 2008, the National Monuments Council, invites bids for the work control termite infestation in the Alhambra Palace, located in Santiago. As part of this service our company decides to make a pathological diagnosis to allow us to make the minimum of damage to the building but maximum control first. The collection of information in the field, the use of advanced technologies and our experience an...
J Poblete Escanilla, P Astaburuaga Merino