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Preliminary results of the treatment of wood with chlorosilanes
1981 - IRG/WP 3172
It is clear from the initial data reported here that the treatment of pine sapwood with chlorosilanes under the reaction conditions employed did not significantly reduce the decay by both white rot and brown rot fungi. Only the dichlorosilane compounds showed to possess some protective action against fungal attack. Before drawing conclusions on the application of organosilicon compounds as potenti...
M Stevens

Restrictions on the use of chlorosilanes as potential wood preservatives
1985 - IRG/WP 3345
The biological protection of wood by chemical modification with different types of chlorosilanes has been investigated. The impregnation of wood has been carried out by means of liquid phase and vapor phase treatments using pure silane and silane-solvent systems. The biological efficacy against wood rotting fungi, molds and staining fungi was determined in a number of screening trials, subsequentl...
M Stevens