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Monitoring the potential biological control agent Cartapip
2000 - IRG/WP 00-10365
Attempts to biocontrol woodstain caused by Ophiostoma species led to the development of an O. piliferum colorless mutant - Cartapip (AgraSoL). The mutant's ability to prevent sapstain of stored logs and lumber is tested in a variety of field trials in Germany, England, Canada and New Zealand. To carry out biocontrol field trials, users have to obtain a permit from a regulatory agency and ...
S Schröder, K Sterfinger, Seong Hwan Kim, C Breuil

Biological Control of Bluestain - Log Field Trials in Canada
2002 - IRG/WP 02-10423
In the summer of 2000 we ran two field experiments (in Alberta and British Columbia) to test the feasibility of using an albino bluestain isolate (Cartapip97TM) to protect lodgepole pine logs from being stained by wild-type bluestain fungi. Results showed that Cartapip applied at the recommended concentration significantly reduced the amount of stain found in the Alberta trials. Cartapip applie...
A Uzunovic, D Minchin, A Byrne