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Wood preservation in Croatia
2004 - IRG/WP 04-30360
Croatia, as all the other countries in transition, however also because of its specific and well-known reasons, is on a path to gradual drawing nearer to the European standards. Only the scientists working at the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb are engaged in scientific work relating to wood preservation. The construction and wood industry, which should enhance the chemical industry, also have subs...
R Despot, M Hasan

Wood Protection in Croatia – Situation from the Acquisition of Independence till Today
2010 - IRG/WP 10-40501
In the last eighteen years in Croatian wood-working industry, respectively wood protection industry, many good changes happened. In such a short period of time Croatian industry changed their “product philosophy”. After the fatherland war and acquisition of independence the most logs and sawn wood products have been exported from Croatia. With such “kind of philosophy” Croatian wood-workin...
R Despot, M Hasan