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Preservative treatment and field test monitoring of spruce pole stock: Pressure and diffusible chemical treatments
1990 - IRG/WP 3605
One hundred and forty four spruce (test species) and southern yellow pine (reference species) poles were variously treated by center boring, incising, or kerfing, followed by pressure treatment with CCA and/or diffusible preservatives. The diffusible preservatives included NaF/creosote, borax and ammonium bifluoride. The poles were set at a test site and evaluated for preservative distribution and...
B Goodell, A J Pendlebury

Sentry®), a new antisapstain formulation for protecting logs and lumber. - Part 1: advances in protection of New Zealand radiata pine logs
1999 - IRG/WP 99-30188
Until recently antisapstain formulations gave approximately 10 weeks protection to radiata pine logs and even within this time frame protection was often not consistent. Industry requires 20 weeks protection. The degree of protection sought by industry is in the order of 90-95%. For example, this equates to a maximum of 5 - 10% surface cover of sapstain in the first whole veneer produced from a pe...
R N Wakeling, D R Eden, C M Chittenden, J G Van der Waals, B Carpenter, I Dorset, R Kuluz, J Wakeman, T Price, B Nairn

A technique for determining the efficacy of water diffusible preservative plugs for implanting in joinery in service
1987 - IRG/WP 2291
A technique is described for determining the efficacy of soluble, diffusible preservative plugs for eradicating decay in joinery. It uses blocks of Scots pine sapwood or heartwood adjusted to known moisture contents prior to the establishment of the test fungus Coniophora puteana, from a single longitudinal dowel and the subsequent introduction of the preservative plugs. Prevention of decay, eradi...
J K Carey, A F Bravery

A combined method for drying and preserving wood in a single step process
2000 - IRG/WP 00-40183
Based on a convective dryer, this process allows to dry and treat wood blocks with diffusible preservatives in the same time. A boric acid solution (heated to fix the wet temperature of the system) is pumped and introduced in the flow system through a venturi, where the air coming back from the drying cell also arrives. The role of the venturi is to create a dispersion of boric acid solution micro...
O Colin, C Dupuis, E Mougel, A Zoulalian, M-F Thévenon