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Arbeitsverfahren zum Herstellen und mikroskopischen Auswerten von Dünnschnitten aus Holz-Bohrkernen. [Working method for producing and evaluating microscopically thin cuts of bore samples]
1980 - IRG/WP 2133
Bore samples are important specimens; e.g. they are in use to investigate poles in service. On the basis of known methods of microtomy a technique is described which permits the production of longitudinal cuts from bore samples. For this purpose, the bore sample is glued onto a mounting; the surface of cut is coated with a polystyrene solution. The cut thus consolidated can be stained, drained, an...
S Cymorek

Influence of water soluble extractives on CCA fixation and leaching performance of red maple and red oak
1997 - IRG/WP 97-30133
We have observed several peculiarities in relation to CCA fixation in red maple and red oak woods such as high variability in fixation rates and leaching performance in maple and precipitate formation in solutions expressed from CCA treated red oak wood blocks at different stages of fixation. We have postulated that the extractives could be the factor of influence, as this has already been reporte...
T Stevanovic-Janezic, P A Cooper, Y T Ung

Biocidal property of the phenolic fraction of ethanol extractives of Hopea parviflora heartwood
1993 - IRG/WP 93-30003
Natural resistance of some species of timber to fungal decay and insect damage (particularly termite) is ascribed toxic nature and quantity of certain chemical substances present in the cell wall of heartwood. These chemical substances generally known to be Phenolic and Polyphenolic compounds (Rao 1982). Earlier investigations on extractives were mainly in relation to resistance of timber to decay...
R V Krishnan, K S Theagarajan, H S Ananthapadmanabha, M Nagaraja Sharma, V V Prabhu, H C Nagaveni

Effect of heating on aldehydes emissions from solid wood
2011 - IRG/WP 10-50277
We have found that acetaldehyde, a probable human carcinogen, is produced from wood through reaction with ethanol. Alcohols are increasingly being used in houses and buildings for cleaning purposes. Acetaldehyde emission from solid wood has been attributed to ethanol acidification by enzymes such as ethanol dehydrogenase. Heating could inactivate these enzymes. In this study, the effects of heatin...
A Ishikawa, K Miyamoto, S Tohmura, A Inoue

Natural durability, ethanol-toluene extractives and phenol content prediction of eight wood species from Madagascar using NIRS multispecific models
2018 - IRG/WP 18-10926
Madagascar has nearly 4000 species of trees and shrubs, but wood properties of only 200 species have been studied. Some properties, such as the natural durability or chemical composition are of importance for adequate and optimal use of these timber species. Since durability tests take long time and chemical analyzes can be very expensive, alternative methods such as near infrared spectroscopy (NI...
A R Razafimahatratra, H Rakotovololonalimanana, M-F Thévenon, C Belloncle, G Chaix, T Ramananantoandro