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How to Document the Performance of Super-Critical Treated Wood in above Ground Situations?
2005 - IRG/WP 05-20316
The paper presents practical experiences from the preparation of a new preservative treated wood product for introduction to the market. The product in question is Superwood™, which is treated with organic biocides using CO2 in a supercritical state as a solvent. The question is how to evaluate the performance of a new product such as Superwood™ in order to get an acceptance on the market a...
N Morsing, A H H Wong, F Imsgard, O Henriksen

Stability and performance of tributyltin compounds
1984 - IRG/WP 3275
Based on the critical examinations of the disputable permanence of tributyltin compounds in wood, this paper deals with a number of examinations of the relative evaporation, thermal stability and oxidation stability of some TBT-compounds. While thermal and oxidative stability is high for all TBT-species, the relative evaporation at elevated temperature is highly variable, and lowest for the TBT-es...
F Imsgard, B Jensen, H A B Landsiedel, H Plum

EN 152: Is this Standard Relevant for today’s Wood Preservatives? A Critical Review.
2006 - IRG/WP 06-20331
The paper critically reviews the Blue stain test method described in EN 152 including possible test variables. Whereas EN 152 has been successfully used for solvent borne wood preservatives, it appears that the methodology is not suited for modern water borne products, where the majority fail. The paper will show that there exist different quality claims not concordant with EN 599-1 within diff...
B Jensen, F Imsgard, J Larsen

Supercritical impregnation of wood with siloxane
2012 - IRG/WP 12-30595
This paper describes the effect of supercritical impregnation with siloxane on the water repellency of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) sapwood samples. Samples were impregnated with a low amount of siloxane dissolved in supercritical carbon dioxide using isopropanol as a co-solvent. Siloxane retention (i.e. weight percent gain (WPG)) of the treated samples was 1.3 % (w/w) as found by mass balance. T...
A Kjellow, F Imsgard, J Fernandes, O Henriksen, E Klaassen, R Wagner, J Delis

Field performance of wood impregnated with siloxanes using supercritical carbon dioxide
2013 - IRG/WP 13-40632
This paper presents preliminary results from a 13-month field test containing pine sapwood samples (Pinus sylvestris) impregnated with a mixture of siloxane and organic biocides using supercritical carbon dioxide as carrier. Samples were exposed above ground at a Danish field test site using matched non-treated sapwood controls for every treated sample. All samples were painted before exposure. Pi...
A Kjellow, F Imsgard, J Fernandes, R Wagner, J Delis

Full-scale impregnation of wood with siloxane using supercritical carbon dioxide
2014 - IRG/WP 14-40659
Full-scale impregnation of wood with siloxane was carried out using supercritical carbon dioxide as solvent. A batch of 3530 kg of Scots pine sapwood was impregnated to a retention of approximately 1.3% siloxane. The treatment also consisted of a simultaneous impregnation with organic biocides. The performance of the wood was evaluated in terms of capillary water uptake according to a modified EN ...
A Kjellow, F Imsgard, J Fernandes, R Wagner, J Delis