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The utilization of sand dusts of MDF panel as filler in wood plastic composites
2010 - IRG/WP 10-40500
Waste management is getting important in the world. Most of wood based panel industries are interested in utilization of wood residues such as saw dust, sand dust and wood flour in other applications. The objective of this study is to investigate the usability of sand dust of MDF in wood plastic composites. HDPE and PP based composites with 30 % sand dusts loading were compounded in the single sc...
A D Cavdar, H Kalaycioglu, F Mengeloglu, K Karakus, H Yel

Properties of Wood Plastic Composites Made of Recycled HDPE and Remediated Wood Flour from CCA/CCB Treated Wood Removed from Service
2016 - IRG/WP 16-40747
Chromated copper arsenate (CCA) and copper, chromium and boron (CCB) have been widely used in pressure treated wood as a heavy duty preservative to protect wood against insects and fungi for more than 60 years. Although many attempts have been done to solve the problems related to out-service treated wood, the problem still remains. Only a few studies were done to utilize the out-of service treate...
E D Gezer, S Akbaş, M Tufan, A Temiz

Encapsulation of poles to prevent moisture uptake – a laboratory test
2016 - IRG/WP 16-40753
Premature failure of utility poles due to decay in soil contact is the main reason for early removal of utility poles, a measure that implies extra costs for utilities. Remedial treatments and barriers are common methods to prolong the service life of utility poles. The first part of this paper gives an overview of mode of action and commercial application of barrier systems as described in the li...
K-C Mahnert, U Hundhausen