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Colonization of treated and untreated ponderosa pine exposed in Hilo, Hawaii
1995 - IRG/WP 95-20068
The rate of decay in above ground exposures is largely controlled by rainfall and temperature, factors which can be used to construct a climate index of decay hazard in above ground exposures. Developers of new biocide formulations have utilized this knowledge by establishing test sites in sub-tropical regions such as the Gulf Coast of the United States. More recently, field sites have been locate...
C M Freitag, J J Morrell, K J Archer

Microbial ecology of treated lap-joints exposed at Hilo, Hawaii for 12 months
1996 - IRG/WP 96-20089
Lap-joints made from Southern yellow pine treated with ACQ, DDAC or Propiconazole were exposed and sampled over 12 months. TnBTO treated Lap-joints were later exposed as a standard treatment. The moisture content of the joint area remained at 23% to 28%, but, away from the joint, varied between 20% to over 30%. Untreated samples had higher moisture contents and there was little difference between ...
S Molnar, D J Dickinson, R J Murphy

Microbial ecology of treated Lap-joints exposed at Hilo, Hawaii for 24 months
1997 - IRG/WP 97-20107
This paper is a continuation of previous work reported in IRG/WP 96-20089 by Molnar et al. (1996) in which Lap-joints, made from Southern yellow pine and treated with ACQ, DDAC or propiconazole were sampled over 12 months exposure at Hilo, Hawaii. 18 and 24 month samplings have since taken place and are reported here. TnBTO treated Lap-joints made of scots pine which were exposed later as a standa...
S Molnar, D J Dickinson, R J Murphy

Performance of dip and pressure treated wood in termite ground proximity exposures in Hilo, HI, and Colombia
2008 - IRG/WP 08-30491
A number of preservative systems were evaluated for their ability to control termite attack when applied as both dip and pressure treatments. With dip treatments, better performance was observed with southern pine than spruce-pine-fir using the same solution strength treatment, probably as a result of the about 50% greater uptake with southern pine and associated deeper preservative penetration. B...
P Walcheski, A Zahora

Above ground testing at tropical test sites, what have we learned?
2011 - IRG/WP 11-20473
Three different above ground test methods have been utilized at a selection of five tropical and sub-tropical test sites with a variety of treated and untreated material. The results show that a multi-site approach to above ground field tests presents the opportunity for exposure to un-predicted biodeterioration hazards, which may be important for developmental products of poorly characterized fu...
A Preston, A Zahora, Y Cabrera, L Jin, C Schauwecker, P Walcheski