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Material Resistance and Chemical Composition of Italian Stone Pine (Pinus pinea)
2018 - RG/WP 18-20645
Relevant properties of stone pine (Pinus pinea) wood have been only fragmentarily addressed in the past, which has been recognized as a limiting factor for its potential applications. The amount of the respective wood species on the market will likely increase in the future. The sorption properties, permeability to water, extractives content and durability against fungi of Pinus pinea sapwood and ...
M Humar, M De Angelis, M Romagnoli, V Vek, I Poljanšek, P Oven, N Thaler, B Lesar, D Kržišnik

Impregnation of wood with antifungal compounds from low-quality tree biomass
2022 - IRG/WP 22-30763
In this paper we have reviewed recent research on the development of bio-based preservative formulations for wood done at the Department of wood science and technology, Ljubljana. Preservative formulations used in this investigation were prepared using plant polyphenols as biocidal agents. These nonstructural components of wood were stilbenes and flavonoids, and were extracted from wood of broken ...
V Vek, I Poljanšek, A Balzano, M Humar, P Oven

Chemical modification of cellulose nanofibrils for tailoring properties of composites
2022 - IRG/WP 22-40934
Due to its natural abundance, complete biodegradability and excellent properties, cellulose is one of the most promising materials for the production of bio composites, as well as one of the most promising fillers for biodegradable polymer composites. This is also true for nanocellulose. A large number of hydroxyl groups on the surface of fibers or fibrils enables a whole series of chemical reacti...
I Poljanšek, J Levanič, V Ž Bogataj, V Vek, P Oven

Biocomposites based on PVA, cellulose nanofibrils and tannic acid
2022 - IRG/WP 22-40957
Biocomposite films based on a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with the addition of cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) as a reinforcing component and with the addition of the biologically active tannic acid (TA) were prepared. The influence of different additions of CNF and TA in the polymer matrix PVA on the mechanical properties, improvement of hydrophobicity of the prepared films was studied. In all cases, the...
U Osolnik, V Vek, I Poljanšek, Poven