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Decay Resistance of Maple (Acer Insigne) Wood Against White Rot
2010 - IRG/WP 10-10740
In this study, the decay resistance of maple (Acer insigne) in natural state and treated with ACC (Acid copper chromate) was investigated against the white rot fungus (Coriolus versicolor). ACC is a kind of water borne preservatives that was used in this study for treating specimens under vacuum and pressure (Bethell procedure) with 3 percent concentration. In conducting mentioned evaluation, koll...
V Tazakor Rezaei

Wood protection by nano silver against white rot
2011 - IRG/WP 11-30554
This research was done with the aim of investigation on the natural durability of poplar (populous deltoides) in natural situation and treated with nano silver against the white rot. Testing samples was treated with the method of modified soaking and nano silver in 3 treating level of 0,200 and 400ppm. In this study effect of coriolus versicolor fungus (identificated as white rot) on populous del...
V Tazakor Rezai, A Usefi, M Soltani