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Annual report 1999
2000 - IRG/WP 00-60123
IRG Secretariat

Report of Section 1 1999
1999 - IRG/WP 99-10328
IRG Secretariat

Reporting minutes of the Plenary Meeting 1999
1999 - IRG/WP 99-60118
IRG Secretariat

IRG - wood preservation - annual report 1999; wood preservation in Slovak Republic
2000 - IRG/WP 00-40192
This report gives basic information about wood preservation in Slovak Republic, related to the wood preservation research and education, to the most important wood-destroying organisms, to the wood preserving industry, and also to the problems of standards, market and environment.
L Reinprecht

Report an some aspects of forest and the timber preservation in Fiji 1999
2000 - IRG/WP 00-40189
This report is divided in two sections. One is the general description of some aspects of the Forest indicating timber availability in Fiji. The other Section is an "Status of Timber Preservation in Fiji in 1999".
S D Kumar

Report of Section 4 1999
1999 - IRG/WP 99-40151
IRG Secretariat

The 1999-2000 annual report for the IRG - Wood Preservation in Egypt
2000 - IRG/WP 00-40188
The wood destroying insects in Egypt are belonging to several families of Coleoptera, Lepidoptera and Isoptera. Imported woods are treated by The Agricultural Quarantine or the authorized companies. The materials used for protection as pre-treatment are the same of the treatment. They are Bromide methyl, copper or fluoride salts, organo-phosphorus compounds, pyrethroides, creosote or creosodial. Any preservative should be evaluated by the Ministry of Agriculture before recommendation. Of the preserved woods are Lumbers, sleepers and poles, woods used in constructions and furniture as well. The woods used in furniture, constructions or woodworks are mostly imported from Sweden, Russia, Finland or Korea. Several kinds of woods are imported as Picea sp., Pinus sp., Phagus sp. Local woods used are limited in kinds and amount, as Casuarina sp., Eucalyptus sp., Ficus sp., Acacia sp. Treated woods are potentially increasing in use. There are neither restriction for the use of treated woods, not any regulation concerning the desposal of these woods.
S I M Moein

Programme Section 5 Environmental aspects
1999 - IRG/WP 99-50138
IRG Secretariat

IRG 30 invitation
1999 -
IRG Secretariat

Report of Section 3 1999
1999 - IRG/WP 99-30211
IRG Secretariat

Report of Section 5 1999
1999 - IRG/WP 99-50143
IRG Secretariat

1999 Official Photo
1999 -
IRG Secretariat

Newsletter 1-99
1999 -
IRG Secretariat

Abstracts of some papers promised for IRG 30
1999 - IRG/WP 99-60113
IRG Secretariat

International Directory of Members and Sponsors 1998-1999
1998 - IRG/WP 98-60106
IRG Secretariat

Programme Section 1 Biology
1999 - IRG/WP 99-10327
IRG Secretariat

IRG documents 1999
1999 - IRG/WP 99-60119
IRG Secretariat

Budget for 1999
1998 - IRG/WP 98-60099
IRG Secretariat

Report of Section 2 1999
1999 - IRG/WP 99-20183
IRG Secretariat

Programme Section 2 Test methodology and assessment
1999 - IRG/WP 99-20180
IRG Secretariat

Programme Section 3 Wood protecting chemicals
1999 - IRG/WP 99-30210
IRG Secretariat

Agenda Plenary Meeting 1999
1999 - IRG/WP 99-60114
IRG Secretariat

Programme Section 4 Processes
1999 - IRG/WP 99-40150
IRG Secretariat

Newsletter 2-99
1999 -
IRG Secretariat

Work programme of CEN/TC 38 (April 1999) and European publications
1999 - IRG/WP 99-20165
Scope of the CEN/TC38: Standardization of the characteristics of natural or conferred durability of wood and its derived materials against biological agents, including the characteristics of protection products and associated processes to obtain this durability. This applies in particular to: - the identification of hazard classes-, - the test methods (wood preservatives and treated wood and wood based materials) and interpretation of the results; - the specification of wood preservatives and treated wood by classes of hazard including processes-, - quality control methods-, -terminology.
R Hüe