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Wood biodeterioration monitoring using molecular fluorescence
2016 - IRG/WP 16-20589
Wood is an extremely complex and heterogeneous biological material, susceptible to biodeterioration by wood-destroying organisms. This process can be evaluated by natural resistance tests or non-destructive techniques, such as molecular fluorescence. The fluorescence of wood can be attributed to the presence of fluorophores groups or extractives, as a characteristic of some species. This study aim...
E Meneses Oliveira, A Florian da Costa, J W Batista Brag

Monitoring of wood biodeterioration by infrared spectroscopy
2017 - IRG/WP 17-20607
The susceptibility of wood to deterioration by rotting fungi is intrinsically related to its chemical composition and the environmental conditions at its place of use, and if not detected in time, can cause enormous financial losses. The process of wood biodeterioration by decay fungi can be evaluated through laboratory accelerated test, in specific field tests, or through non-destructive techniqu...
E Meneses Oliveira, A Florian da Costa, J W Batista Braga

Selection of heat flux value for wood fire retardants testing using MLC
2018 - IRG/WP 18-40846
One of more crucial elements of investigating treated wood combustion properties with the use of a cone calorimeter is a proper selection of heat flux (HF). The HF level is directly reflected in time to ignition and a thermal degradation degree. The ignition of raw wood or of wood ineffectively protected against fire occurs at a low HF level, i.e. 10-20 kW/m2. By contrast, the ignition of wood whi...
B Mazela, W Perdoch, W Grześkowiak, A Batista