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Schrifttum über den Hausbockkäfer Hylotrupes bajulus L. (Serville) (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)
1977 - IRG/WP 164
H Becker

Die Verbreitung de Hausbockkäfers Hylotrupes bajulus (L.) Serville (Col., Cerambycidae). Versuch einer kartographischen Erfassung seines Vorkommens
1980 - IRG/WP 1120
Die Larven des Hausbockkäfers Hylotrupes bajulus (L.) Serville gehören in den meisten europäischen Ländern und in einigen Überseegebieten zu den wirtschaftlich bedeutendsten Schädlingen verbauten Nadelholzes. Über die historische Einstufung und über die Vermutungen der Herkunft des Käfers, über frühere und aktuelle Berichte über Vorkommen und Schäden finden sich zahlreiche Literaturan...
H Becker

Report on Sub-group 5 in Raleigh, 6 May 1980
1980 - IRG/WP 1123
S Cymorek

Termites in Eastern Canada: An updated review and bibliography
1990 - IRG/WP 1431
This report updates Document No. IRG/WP/1333, issued in 1987. The current distribution of termites in eastern Canada and current termite control practices and controversies are explained, and current research is very briefly summarized. Since 1987, Reticulitermes flavipes (Kollar) (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) has been discovered in several more municipalities in the province of Ontario, and in Winn...
J K Grace

A bibliography of organic solvent-based wood preservatives
1973 - IRG/WP 322
H Alliot

Bibliography of organic solvent based wood preservatives
1971 - IRG/WP 38 E
This publication has as its objective the collection of the more important and more recent references dealing with solvent-based timber preservatives; these are often termed - sometimes wrongly - oil-borne preservatives or even organic wood preservatives. It is hoped that this review will stimulate more fundamental studies in the future in this field or on some of its aspects....
H Alliot

Bibliography: Interactions of wood preservatives with wood, metals, glues, paints and concretes
1983 - IRG/WP 3271
H Becker

Bibliography on the common furniture beetle Anobium punctatum (De Geer) (Coleoptera, Anobiidae)
1980 - IRG/WP 1104
M-M Serment, H Becker

A bibliography of organic solvent-based wood preservatives
1973 - IRG/WP 313 E
H Alliot

A bibliography of the dry rot fungus, Serpula lacrymans
1988 - IRG/WP 1337
For many decades the occurrence of dry rot in buildings has been the cause of serious concern in temperate regions of the world. Consequently, much effort has concentrated on determining the morphology of dry rot and on finding means of prevention and control. During early studies, observers tried to understand the phenomenon of dry rot as a whole, and in the course of the 19th century aspects cha...
G Seehann, B M Hegarty

Evaluation of the biocide diffusion from treated wood in indoor air. Bibliographic study
1990 - IRG/WP 3584
Within the frame of the risk assessment of the wood preservation products for the Health, the treated wood risk particularly when it is installed in dwellings becomes most important. The European directive "Building materials" (89/106/CEE) mentions the basic requirements with the buildings must comply. Annexe l states in particular that "the building must be conceived and built in order not to bec...
A Pichard

Bibliographie sur les produits organiques en solvant pour la préservation du bois
1972 - IRG/WP 313
Le présent travail exécuté dans le cadre do la Section III du Groupe International de la Préservation du bois a pour but de rassembler, en vue d'éventuelles études plus approfondies sur le sujet ou sur l'un de ses aspects, les principales et relativement récentes références sur les produits de protection des bois en solvant, souvent appelés, et parfois improprement, pro...
H Alliot

Bibliography on the use of boron compounds for the preservation of wood
1973 - IRG/WP 315
This bibliography is based on an earlier literature survey prepared by J. Thornton and Wm. E. Bruce (O.E.C.D. Document No. 27/DAS/CSI/M/91) which was enlarged and revised for a meeting in Paris in October 1968 (Document 27/DAS/CSI/M554) by Professor W. Bavendamm of Reinbek. The latter (1968) document with its 166 references has now been extended and brought up to date. Acknowledgments are due to B...
R Cockcroft, J F Levy

Creosote for wood preservation. (Reissued from earlier OECD draft)
1970 - IRG/WP III 1A
The literature on this subject is extensive and, to some extent, repetitive so that for pratical reference purposes it is essential that selective surveys and bibliographies be prepared. Many of these exist and, as an example, the reports issued by The Coal Tar Research Association (Numbers 0156, 0292 and 0396) may be quoted. The following bibliography, listing the more important sources of inform...

Silver as a Wood Preservative Environmental Requirements and Concerns
2007 - IRG/WP 07-30420
The pesticide uses of silver and its compounds fall under the jurisdiction of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) under the US Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. In addition, many other national and international organizations maintain close observance of the effects of silver in different environments. The US EPA has also issued a specific announcement that t...
J R Ellis