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Quantitative Determination of Cyproconazole in Wood treated with Tanalith CY
2007 - IRG/WP 07-20369
The HPLC method has been widely applied to quantitative determination of cyproconazole in preservative solutions. However, HPLC assay has not been successfully employed to determine cyproconazole content in treated wood. Some extractives from treated wood hinder cyproconazole determination because they have a similar retention time to that of cyproconazole on an HPLC chromatogram. In addition, ...
I Momohara, T Miyauchi, M Mori

Improvement of analytical methods of wood preservatives and its validation with collaborative testing
2019 - IRG/WP 19-20655
This discussion paper presents on-going collaborative test of analytical methods of wood preservatives according to the standardization process of Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS) by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF). Food and Agricultural Materials Inspection Center (FAMIC) in close cooperated organization with the MAFF, has wide range of tasks about inspections and anal...
T Miyauchi, K Yamamoto, N Shota, Y Akabori, M Ikeda, J Eisawa, K Kambara, T Osawa, C Igarashi, Y Baba, W Ohmura, M Shimizu, M Samejima

Development of accelerated decay test for CLT using a fungus grown on agar medium
2019 - IRG/WP 19-20664
CLT is a large-scale wooden board which consists of several layers of sawn lumber stacked in altering directions. Therefore, a lot of large cross sections appear on all narrow faces of CLT. As water penetrates easily into timber from cross section, wooden material whose cross section is exposed to water in in a usage environment is susceptible to deterioration by organisms. Wood deterioration orga...
T Miyauchi, K Kambara, W Ohmura, T Mori, H Matsunaga, N Hattori

Penetration pathway of oilborne preservative in heartwood of Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi)
2019 - IRG/WP 19-40886
The liquid permeability of Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi) wood is extremely low, especially in the heartwood. It is difficult to achieve the penetration of wood preservatives, which is specified by standards, with pressure treatment of waterborne preservatives. Recently, the protection treatment with an oilborne preservative called “deeper penetration treatment” is commercially available, wh...
H Shibui, T Miyauchi, T Shigeyama, M Ikeda, Y Sugai

Preliminary investigation for preservation method of CLT using non-pressure treatment
2021 - IRG/WP 21-40919
Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) is increasingly being used in residential and non-residential construction around the world, and some of these areas are at high risk of biodeterioration. Addition to moisture management of construction, preservative treatment of CLT may be needed to prevent decay and termite attack in the area. Pressure treatment being most reliable, is not feasible due to the large d...
T Miyauchi, Y Ohashi, J Miyazaki, R Takanashi, H Shibui, S Isaji, T Shigeyama, Y Sugai, A Yamamoto, T Hramiishi, T Mori, H Matsunaga